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Visually Impaired and Jittery Online? ‘Web Browsing Basics’ Will Calm Your Nerves

Times have changed. And so have the technologies that has increasingly become an integral part of every aspect of our lives.

For persons who are visually impaired, keeping up with the constant changes in both time and technology can be daunting and often frustrating.

But the efforts of the faculty and staff at has been the game-changer for millions of blind and visually impaired students and professionals as well as their families and friends within the United States and other parts of the world in almost a hundred years.

Hadley School is again doing one of those things it knows how to do very well. This time, the distance-lerning, largely tuition free institution is offering a course that promises to make persons who are visually impaired confident users of the internet.

The course ‘Web Browsing Basics’ is designed with high school students as well as other adults – including professionals – in mind.

“The goal of this course”, according to the , “ is to help individuals who are visually impaired understand the components of a Web page and how information is positioned, as well as develop strategies for browsing and searching accessible and inaccessible websites.”

Interested students will first need to pass an Internet Skills Assessment to be granted the opportunity to take the Web Browsing course Online

Hadley School will award only a letter grade to students who successfully complete the two lessons in this online course and also submit the two compulsory post-lesson assignments.

At the end of The two-lesson course, Hadley School expects students to be able to:
A. define the various components of a Web page
B. develop a strategy or multiple strategies for gathering information from accessible and inaccessible Web pages
C. describe directions for launching, browsing, and navigating websites and discuss search engines
D. demonstrate Web browsing proficiency via practice exercises

For more information about the course and how to get started visit the on Hadley School for the Blind’s web site.